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Huanghua Bohai veterinary Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, accounting for the ground Plot 36,000 square meters, construction area of ​​15,500 square meters, is a research, development, production and veterinary drugs, feed additives, premix garden-private technology enterprises, and in 2004 successfully passed the ISO-9002 international quality management system certification, 2005 years on the 25th time through the Ministry of Agriculture, veterinary medicine GMP authentication. December 7, 2010 a re-examination by the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary medicine GMP inspection. The company employees 160 people, including doctoral, master's, bachelor and other advanced technical personnel 28 people, has developed its own new Products, the strength of new technology the company to strengthen the strict technical standards, management standards and working standards, the company's "four modernizations" objectives, namely: green plant, personnel specialization, brand-name products. More than 150 kinds of products, sold throughout the country.
Bohai Veterinary Co., Ltd. successfully passed the GMP Re-examination! New varieties have been Bohai Veterinary Ltd Listed! ! ! Hotline :0317 -5,475,988 Business QQ: 953984530 PC: 061106
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