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What is included in the production of bacterial protein feed ingredient?
 Protein lysine compound protein compound feed production of lysine, the fermentation of glucose and molasses to produce lysine liquor, liquor and then spray this on to the corn husk, and then by drying compound feed made from crushed, with the production process matures, the quality of compound feed and gradually increase after the last to reach crude protein; 28-33% lysine; 4.25% Moisture 5.1% Ash; 0.8% crude fiber; 8.91% of value is very high up from the price that lysine compound protein are better than wine mud and spray, and this lysine-containing product advantage is high, the use of certain bacterial protein feed value of lysine, lysine, also known as protein powder, is a fermentation of protein feed, the production of lysine in the mother liquor in the medium preparation and sterilization is complete, strain them and put into the fermentation tank, control the fermentation conditions, bacteria will multiply rapidly; fermentation is completed, with centrifugation, precipitation and other methods to collect bacteria, and finally through the spray drying process, the bacterial protein products made from lysine. Bacterial protein lysine rich nutrients contained. Among them, the protein content as high as 80% -90%, 10% higher than the 20% soybean, than meat, fish, cheese by 20% or more; amino acid composition is more complete, containing the 8 essential amino acids, especially the grain content less lysine content up to 15% or more. Bacterial protein also contains vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and rich enzymes and bioactive substances, such as coenzyme A, coenzyme Q, glutathione, ergosterol, etc. Protein powder containing lysine: aspartate 2.19% Threonine 0.66% Serine 0.51% 7.39% glutamic acid glycine alanine 2.54% 1.00% 0.45% Cystine 0.22 Valine 2.38% Methionine
% Isoleucine 0.58% Leucine 0.51% 2.08% vinegar acid lysine, phenylalanine 0.68% 17.44% 0.23% histidine arginine proline 0.91% 0.72% Total 40.49% 84.32% crude protein Experiments show that, added to animal feed in a certain amount of bacterial protein diet can significantly improve animal growth, production performance, improve feed utilization, improve breeding efficiency, not only bacterial protein diet high protein content and protein quality is good, rich in essential amino acids, digestion and absorption rate, is more rare: the growth of the livestock must be one of the limiting amino acid, methionine, lysine content, promote animal growth, because it is the extraction of oil, high energy , after good results with pig concentrates; bacterial protein diet is also rich in vitamins, especially B group vitamins, even higher levels, after the fermentation, the raw material also includes a number of unknown activity factor, can promote the growth of livestock and poultry development. This product is the main alternative in the feed soybean cake, peanut cake, fish meal. Through long-term use, its main features as follows: First, all of bacterial single cell protein, easily decomposed in vivo absorption, nutrition is better than cake class. Second, the products have been refined and high-temperature processing, without any side effects. Third, rich in trace elements beneficial to animal nutritional balance, to maintain metabolic mechanism, especially phosphorus and calcium content. Fourth, extracellular enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and other active substances monomer presence of a significant growth-promoting effect. Fifth, long-term use of asthma, viral fish gills mold, clouds significant resistance to other pathogens prevention. Sixth, in 3-10% of dietary protein, lysine hyphae, equivalent alternative to soybean meal, peanut cake, fish meal, 4-12% can be obtained yield results. Seven, high protein content, protein molecules are small, digestibility of 95% or more, can improve feed efficiency.

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