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Yeast market potential and developing it?
Yeast extract on the market with the same material and because the flavor is the main competitors are: monosodium glutamate; animal and plant extract; hydrolyzed plant protein (HVP) and hydrolyzed animal protein (HAP). Yeast extract full-bodied flavor than MSG, after taste good, compared to MSG although the flavor can be felt immediately, but the duration is short, the lack of satisfaction, the use of yeast extract can significantly enhance and improve the flavor expressive, extend the duration of a sense of taste, people get taste of satisfaction. However, because MSG low price, China market has long been the preferred flavor enhancer, so a short time, MSG will also occupy a larger share of the Chinese market, yeast extract can not compete with them. However, with the improvement of living standards and "respect for nature, back to nature" concept of life form, MSG flavor enhancer in Chinese mainland market to gradually reduce the share of the market share.
Yeast is said to have teeth whitening effect, add a little yeast daily brushing, teeth white quickly (model also use this)


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