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Bacterial protein feed for animals, what are the advantages?

Fermented feed is corn flour, wheat bran, animal manure, straw, swill, peanut shells, cotton seed, a variety of cake, dregs, etc., with the Gymboree feed fermentation agent to seal the end product of the fermentation proceeds. Bacterial protein feed are also many advantages, mainly in the following points:

1, reduce feeding costs can be converted into bacterial protein feed, with the full price of the fermented material, material preparation, can be reduced by 50% of the amount of protein feed, no need for soybean meal, thus greatly reducing the total cost of feeding. The province is making money.
2 and improve the palatability of the product was fermented golden color, smooth feel, fragrance, taste very good, very suitable raw feed, animals like to eat and eat, saves fuel and labor costs.
3, the fermentation of feed in addition to drug detoxification agent contained in the "functional" activities of their own lives and their microbial metabolites, so that the feed (especially rapeseed and cottonseed cake) contains toxic and hazardous substances are degraded and the removal , thus greatly improving the safety of feed, cottonseed or rapeseed meal to replace soybean meal use.
4, to improve resistance to disease animal feed made of micro-organisms contained in Liling agent directly involved in animal intestinal barrier function, added animal populations of beneficial intestinal microorganisms and quantity of the formation of "advantage of the beneficial bacteria" and prevent pathogenic microorganisms fixed colonization and growth and reproduction, restoration and maintenance of animal intestinal micro ecological balance, thereby improving animal immunity and disease resistance, so that animals get sick less, so fish farmers worry and money.
5, to improve feed utilization feed ferment contained in the microbial flora of the powerful feed ingredients can be destroyed tough plant cell walls, cellulose, pectin and other hard-degradable "macromolecules" material into simple sugars and oligosaccharides and other "small molecule" material, and generate a variety of organic acids, micro elements, enzymes, amino acids and many other unknown growth factors, greatly improving the nutritional level of fermentation and digestion of material utilization, the animals' food instead of "and" do not eat flesh, "the phenomenon has been radically changed.
In addition, animal manure can reduce emissions and reduce the harmful gases generated, and to enhance the flavor of meat, so meat delicious.
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